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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our Orthodontic office. We would also like to thank you for considering the many benefits that Orthodontics can provide to you and your family members. A beautiful smile for a child can mean freedom from embarrassment and self-consciousness, and improved self-esteem. A wonderful smile for an adult often influences an improved social life, perhaps is the key to a better job and a boost to one's self confidence.

Braces are a much more common part of Canadian life today. They are more comfortable and often work faster due to advances in new technology. Orthodontic specialists, such as Dr. Lalani, are also trained to diagnose and treat improper alignment of the jaws such as overbites and underbites. Treatment of these problems will not only improve an individual's appearance but also allows for proper function of the teeth, bite and jaws.

Our team philosphy

To provide high quality Orthodontic care in a unique, helpful and non-threatening atmosphere, while influencing the self-esteem of those who visist our practice in a positive and energizing way. To be committed to teamwork through continuing education and incorporating new technology into our daily routines.

This encourages us to be open to change, to strive to learn and improve, and to challendge ourselves both personally and professionally.

Dr. Sharon Chan

Dr Sharon Chan is an Orthodontist who specializes in providing quality orthodontic care for families in the Windsor and Essex County areas.

She began her career as an Orthodontist in 1996. Her education started off at the University of Toronto for her undergraduate and her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree which was completed in June of 1992.

Dr. Chan furthered her education with a year of General Practice Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. She then attended the Orthodontic Residency Specialists’ Program at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she obtained her Certificate in Orthodontics as well as her Master of Science degree in June of 1996. Dr Sharon Chan successfully completed her Fellowship Examination with the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in September 2003. She also became board certified with the American Board of Orthodontics in February of 2004.

Dr. Chan has been practicing as an Orthodontic Specialist in Windsor since 1996, in Lasalle since 2000, and in Leamington since 2018.

She is a current member of :
- Canadian Association of Orthodontists
- Ontario Association of Orthodontists
- Ontario Dental Association
- American Association of Orthodontists
- Essex County Dental Society
- American Board of Orthodontics
- College of Diplomates of American Board of Orthodontics
- Fellowship of Royal College of Dentists of Canada, FRCD(C)

Dr Chan and her husband have two daughters. She enjoys golfing and traveling with her family.

- Dr Sharon Chan

Dr. Shelley Lalani

Dr. Shelley Lalani began working with Orthodontist Dr. Gary Cooper, in 1979, as a Dental Assistant and Receptionist. She then returned to school to become a Dental Hygienist in 1982, and returned to the practice as a Dental Hygienist and Communication Coordinator until 1991. In 1991, Dr. Lalani attended the University of Windsor for two years in the Science program followed by the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry for four years. She graduated with her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1996 and then completed her Graduate Orthodontic Residency Program at the University of Detroit Mercy, earning her Orthodontic Degree and a Master of Science Degree. Dr. Lalani has now been practicing at 11 John street in Leamington, as an Orthodontist, since 1998.

Dr. Lalani had extensive Orthodontic and Dental treatment as an adolescent. She truly understands what a difference a great smile can make in one’s life, at any age. She is a testament to how a wonderful smile can provide wonderful opportunities. Dr. Lalani is an avid walker and enjoys travelling. Interior decorating and design are also one of her passions and could lead to her retirement career.

Dr. Lalani has one daughter, Shae, who is currently working as a corporate attorney for Miller Canfield, in Windsor, Ontario. Shae is an outgoing, hard working and intelligent young woman that her mother could not be more proud of.

Dr. Shelley Lalani sincerely hopes to help everyone who comes to her office achieve an incredible smile, in a relaxed and comfortable environment. She and her team extend a warm welcome to those who are interested in visiting her office and are excited about helping to create beautiful smiles for each individual that we meet.

- Dr Shelley Lalani

Our Team


We provide professional Orthodontic treatment that will leave you with a new beautiful smile!

First Appointment

At your first visit with us, please plan on spending at least 60 minutes in our office. We have planned this appointment during times when Dr. Lalani is able to give uninterrupted time to answer all of your Orthodontic questions fully.

When you first arrive our treatment coordinator will take a series of Orthodontic photographs and a panoramic x-ray (unless one has been provided by your Dentist). Dr. Lalani will then complete an examination of the facial contours, the bite and tooth alignment. Preliminary findings and the most likely course of treatment are then explained by Dr. Lalani.

Our treatment coordinator will then spend time clarifying the proposed treatment and assisting you by providing written information that you can take home for a more in-depth perusal. She will also provide you with a written estimate of cost and explain how financial arrangements are handled.

Orthodontic Records

To confirm the diagnosis made at the first visit, an appointment to complete Orthodontic records is necessary. Records consist of study models of the teeth and bite and a x-ray(s) of the jaws along with the Orthodontic photographs and panoramic x-ray taken at the initial visit.

We often can complete the records on the same day as your initial visit, if this is convenient for you. We also would be happy to schedule a separate appointment for the records if this is more appropriate for you.

Confirmation Consultation

Once the diagnostic records have been carefully analyzed by Dr. Lalani, we will thoroughly discuss your orthodontic needs and treatment sequence. If the course of treatment is exactly as outlined at the initial examination this appointment is not always required. For those individuals whose treatment involves removal of permanent teeth and/or surgery this appointment is very helpful to clarify treatment needs and sequencing.

Cost and Financial Information

The cost of Orthodontic treatment varies with the type of Orthodontic problem, the type of treatment required, and the time and expense necessary to diagnose, achieve and maintain a great result.

Payment plans at 0% interest are available for treatments that take longer than 6 months. A full fee schedule will be provided prior to starting any treatment and is given at the initial visit if treatment should be started within the near future.

If you have an insurance plan, we will be happy to fill out the appropriate Orthodontic predetermination form and claim forms that you will need. Not everyone's insurance coverage is the same for Orthodontic treatment. Due to this, the patient is required to make the fee schedule payments directly to the Orthodontic office. The insurance company will then reimburse you according to the terms of your contract with them, once you have sent them your claim form.

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